Investing in the Future Through Digital Transformation

Airservices Australia invested in a digital transformation strategy to improve data and information management, as well to empower decision making across the company. Augmenting its traditional analogue technologies, Airservices committed to using digital technologies and cloud services while meeting the requirements of national and global technology standards and protocols.

Mission-critical priority

Airservices Australia is the national air navigation provider offering safe air transport and navigation through the Australian air space.
Driving to be a high tech organisation with a goal to improve company-wide productivity, navigation accuracy and safety, Airservices is aiming to augment its traditional analogue aerospace technologies and investing in information management, digitalisation, automation and AI to process large quantities of data.
Key to this is developing an operational digital twin as an analytics tool using reliable real-time data and machine learning algorithms, resulting in better information for critical decision making.
The goal is to continue to make air travel safer, more reliable and predictable for all Australian airspace users.

How Gartner helped

Gartner worked with Airservices Australia to provide:

  • One-on-one meetings with a dedicated Executive Partner, strategic advice, review of business cases and RFPs to ensure risk mitigation and potential cost savings
  • Business system reviews such as migration to the cloud one of the largest cloud migrations undertaken by a government agency to help improve ROI
  • Independent assessments, provided with confidence and integrity in internal thinking, supporting selling key initiatives to the executive team and Board — accelerating time to market
  • Post-COVID view of the world, supporting recovery thinking of current business models and future strategy
  • Connection with peers regularly and during events such as IT Symposium/Xpo®

Business impact

Airservices improved its decision making and productivity through the introduction of new analytics based technologies as well as:

  • Created a comprehensive technology road map to support digital initiatives
  • Integration of the system engineering (OT) and enterprise (IT) worlds, ensuring consistency in enterprise architecture and cybersecurity
  • Implementation of cloud technologies, advanced analytics and machine learning
  • Delivery of a digital and information management strategy, including one of the first prototypes of a global airspace operational digital twin 


$1.1 billion


Consultant (former CIO)

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Gartner is an independent sounding board and authority on some of Airservices Australia’s biggest initiatives. During COVID 19, Gartner provided a view beyond our business.

Chris Seller

Airservices Australia Consultant (Former CIO), Airservices Australia

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