Gartner Digital IQ Index

Digital measurement by industry and brand relative to peers

The Gartner Digital IQ Index provides clients with research and recommendations to benchmark digital performance relative to peers and competitors.

Data-driven recommendations 

Use our proprietary tool to perform a digital SWOT analysis to benchmark your brand's digital competence. 

This tool helps to:

  • Compare your digital maturity against your competitors
  • Measure brand health and investments
  • Visualize areas for improvement
  • Inform your strategic roadmap 
  • See where best-in-class brands invest in digital
  • Identify areas for channel optimization

Try the tool below for your brand or industry. 

Channel performance analysis

Dig deeper into hundreds of data points detailing the sum of your brand's digital efforts across four dimensions (site & app, digital marketing channels, social media and path to purchase). 

Compare your digital competence against a comparative set of 6 distinct industry groups:

  • Financial Services
  • Health & Wellness 
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Consumer Goods 
  • Travel & Hospitality

Select a year, industry or set of brands to see how you measure up against your competitors. 

Data Tools

Gartner Digital IQ Index Score by Dimension

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  • Site & E-Commerce

  • Digital Marketing

  • Mobile & Tablets

Note: The chart above highlights the relative performance of a given brand versus the Index average, parsed across 12 critical components of digital marketing within the four primary dimensions of analysis. The data has been normalised to 0–5 point scores, reflected as distance from the origin. Charts do not include all components used in scoring.