Reducing Operational Risk Through Smart Manufacturing

A global medical device organisation was looking to reduce operational risk and wastage by investing in select smart factory technology. With support from Gartner, the client was able to create a smart manufacturing strategy that quickly received approval from the leadership, select the right technology vendor and ultimately launch 13 key pilots within a short timeframe. 

Mission-critical priority

The client was looking to reduce operational risk and wastage by investing in select smart manufacturing capabilities.

How Gartner helped

The client used:
  • Gartner best practice research, tools and benchmarks to gauge the maturity of their manufacturing function and where they stood compared to competitors.
  • Gartner experts and peer connections, which provided insights that helped the client make the case for smart manufacturing investments to their leadership. 

Business impact

With support from Gartner for Supply Chain, the client:

  • helped save time and effort in creating a smart manufacturing strategy and road map from scratch.
  • gained stakeholder buy-in, budget approval and support in selecting the right technology vendor.
  • launched 13 key pilots in a short period of time putting them ahead of schedule in their manufacturing strategy.

Life Sciences/Medical Device

$17 Billion


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