Reinvest in Growth with Smarter IT Spending

Take a more strategic, programmatic approach to IT cost optimisation

Cost optimisation goes beyond cost cutting

To maximise cost savings, IT leaders should pursue cost optimisation through both function-specific and enterprise-wide programmes. Cost optimisation is a business-focused, continuous discipline intended to maximise business value while reducing costs.

We have compiled smarter IT spending best practices into a customisable roadmap to help you plan and execute an effective cost optimisation initiative.

Download the CIO Roadmap for Strategic Cost Optimisation

Successfully execute your cost optimisation initiatives

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    The results in the past couple of years have just been amazing. We are two years ahead of schedule on our cost optimisation commitments and essentially declared victory on that chapter of the programme this year — and the original goal was 2021.

    Dan Krantz

    VP, CIO Keysight Technologies

    Prioritise your cost initiatives by business value

    Urgent budget pressure is real, but the goal remains to make short- and midterm cost decisions that enable you to adjust to and sustain through unknown scenarios — without jeopardising your long-term health and strategic objectives.

    Insights for smarter cost optimisation

    Take a strategic, programmatic approach to cost optimisation

    Not all cost optimisation initiatives are worth it - this framework helps you create a clear, objective, and visual representation of your cost-saving ideas to measure their potential impact and gain buy-in on your approach.

    Measure your cost optimisation performance against your peers

    Make decisions and leverage empirical data on performance, defend budget and spend, spot risks of underinvestment, and quantify improvement goals and rates.

    Transform Waterfall Budgeting for Agile Development

    Explore powerful approaches to planning IT finances. Agile adaptive budgeting will enable you to support continuing technology investment and adapt IT spending to maximise value.

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