Transformation of the Energy System Underpinned by the Power of Technology

TransGrid is an Australia-based electricity, infrastructure and telecommunications provider striving to deliver safe, reliable power efficiently.

TransGrid’s CIO, Russell Morris, leverages Gartner services to support the implementation of digital transformation programmes, which includes taking traditional investments in technology and refreshing them for the modern age. Driving innovation that guides decision-making in IT, establishing new infrastructure and cost optimisation are the mission-critical priorities.

Mission-critical priority

The CIO’s top priorities include:

  • positioning digital transformation as a business programme with IT involvement to improve transformation adoption;
  • enhancing stakeholder communication and alignment to obtain business buy-in and form key internal partnerships to support the execution of the digital transformation plan;
  • transforming the energy system by delivering sustainable returns and building new technology platforms;
  • cost optimisation by digitally remastering the IT system; and
  • shifting to a new operating model by modernising technology, including the decades-old core ERP platform.

How Gartner helped

Gartner experts provided:

  • stakeholder analysis to better ensure internal stakeholder alignment;
  • benchmarking tools and an independent baseline of maturity using IT Score;
  • the opportunity to connect with peers to understand their use of digital twins during a digital transformation upgrade programme;
  • customer journey mapping, providing valuable end-user benefits and ensuring programme adoption;
  • portfolio and programme management, ERP systems, cost optimisation, budgeting, stakeholder management and advice on increasing the business value of IT;
  • reviews and expert guidance on business continuity plans; and
  • briefings on culture change, high-performing teams and accelerating digital transformation.

Business impact

With Gartner’s support, TransGrid was able to: 

  • accelerate delivery of the digital transformation programme, saving over $1 million by avoiding potential pitfalls;
  • achieve five years’ worth of progress within 12 months and accelerate maturity uplift, saving over $100,000 in maturity assessments;
  • improve decision quality, saving time lost in project execution with better stakeholder and team alignment, unlocking business potential;
  • reduce risk and improve IT-business resiliency plan during transitions;
  • realise significant savings on consulting and executive coaching costs;
  • gain decision-making confidence in tactical structure decisions and hiring choices; and
  • accelerate progress, despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the virtual help of global experts.


Approx. US$420 million



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The research is great, and the ability to interact with Executive Partners—and the symposiums and regional forums—are incredibly valuable

Russell Morris

CIO, TransGrid

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