As each organisation moves from initial response to sustainable game plan in a post-COVID-19 pandemic workforce, the need to anticipate, strategise, plan and execute at speed increases significantly. Operational excellence and organisational flexibility are now higher priorities. Chief human resources officers need to build a resilient, flexible and responsive organisation in which resources, operations and processes can sense and respond to change.

CHROs are currently faced with three urgent priorities, each with their own challenges:

  • How do we get the right skills in the right place at the right time?
  • How can we redesign processes and structures to adapt better to disruption?
  • How can we respond to demands from our customers, as well as leadership, managers and workers?

Gartner has identified these five actions across these three areas to help CHROs build a more resilient organisation:

  • Take a dynamic approach to re-skilling
  • Find talent that generates business impact
  • Redesign work to enable employees to be more responsive
  • Leverage hybrid workforce models
  • Adopt agile principles into HR projects and operating models

Download the guide to discover more about the five strategies and steps across these priorities to help build organisational resilience.