Reducing Turnover: From Exit Interview to Employee Experience

BBVA was experiencing above-average turnover, impacting its growth strategy. With support from Gartner, the director of strategy and organisational development built measurable exit surveys to pinpoint the root cause for turnover and used the insights to boost retention, hire better candidates and reduce costs associated with the high turnover.

Mission-critical priority

Contribute to accelerated growth by decreasing turnover and increasing employee engagement.

How Gartner helped

By leveraging Gartner advisory services and the Gartner Departure tool, BBVA developed dynamic and measurable exit interviews to collect insights from departing employees on what employee experience initiatives to prioritise to boost retention.

Business impact

With Gartner support, BBVA: 

  • Got a better understanding of average turnover rates in its industry and other industries
  • Made improved decisions by collecting valuable insights from departing employees
  • Reduced the risk and costs associated with high employee turnover


Approximately $20 billion


Director of Strategy and Organisational Design

Achieve your mission-critical priorities with Gartner for HR

Gartner’s analysis around global trends in HR have helped us and will continue to help us understand upcoming changes so we can anticipate them. There is no other organization doing this kind of analysis.”

Enrique Medina

Director of Strategy and Organizational Development, BBVA Mexico

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